The Science behind the Sound

Sound, a sensory indicator that affects how you feel about a place or memory you create, hitting the right tone with your music, lets your customers know what to expect when they step inside your business.

Our hand-crafted music playlists are matched to your brand, extending the footprint created with your customers.

Pump up the Volume

Moving customers quicker through a store, without reducing sales transactions, can be achieved increasing audio levels in key areas

Or Make it Slow and Low

Slowing customers down, increasing dwell time, spending longer in store, can encourage customer spending

Stay Classy San Diego

Playing classical music encourages customers to buy-in to opulent surroundings, perfect for wine stores and boutiques

Familiarity holds the key

Perception of waiting times is lowered if customers are having a good time and singing along to familiar sounds.

Hawthorn Leisure
Le Pain Quotidien
Holland & Holland

Music for Business

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The Right Time of Day
We’re guessing you may not want to hear Metallica at 08:30 am, neither will your customers, so we’ll schedule them to play at the right time of day.


We’re pretty sure you might want to incorporate promotional messages to play out at precise intervals or times of day and we can help to create them too.


Without profanity
Our music playlists are stringently checked to avoid profanity playing out in-store.


On Brand
Unlike a local radio station, we won’t be advertising your competitors to your customers whilst they are in store with you


Get Creative
You can even create your own playlist, picking mixes and blending, to match your brand’s style.


Get Legal
If you already have a Spotify®, Apple Music®, Deezer® or Napster® playlist, we’ll import it and licence it for you so you can play it legally in-store.


Centralised Dashboard
So you want to oversee the music playing in all of your stores. No problem with our centralised dashboard.

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iOS / Android App

A dedicated app ensures you get the best experience on a device you already understand.

Mac & PC

A web browser is all that is needed to access a full stack of features and allow full editing of schedules and playlists

Sonos Devices

Integration with Sonos® products allows you to sign up for our services and get legal music playback for business directly through your Sonos® devices

Dedicated Player

The ultimate in reliability, we’ll rent you our dedicated music player, perfect for multiple locations requiring consistency of brand.