Le Pain Quotidien, international chain of bakery restaurants, called upon the services of licensed business music systems provider, Perfect Octave, to deliver improved music systems services with reduced service costs to the Le Pain Quotidien chain of UK restaurants.


Controlled Costs

Robert Brown, Head of IT, for Le Pain Quotidien recalls making his objectives very clear when he initially met with Ian Graham, Managing Director and Peter Sheppard, Technical Director from Perfect Octave.

‘LPQ’s ongoing costs, particularly maintenance costs, with our incumbent supplier of licenced music, audio systems and maintenance, were spiralling out of control’, comments Brown.


Less Service Calls

‘Increasing numbers of service calls to our restaurants were due to ‘no-music’ and were a large area of spiralling cost and concern. We also faced increased expenditure on replacement music players, owned by Le Pain Quotidien, as time progressed’, continues Brown.

‘I made it very clear to the team at Perfect Octave that I needed to get control of these costs, if we were to engage the services provided by Perfect Octave’, recalls Brown.

We are in control of our budgets and the music is always on.

Robert Brown Head of IT


Capital Costs Lowered

Perfect Octave consequently provided multi-tiered solutions to the help Le Pain Quotidien across their entire estate of restaurants.

‘We agreed to rent new music players to Le Pain Quotidien, eradicating future replacement costs, from the outset’, comments Ian Graham, Managing Director for Perfect Octave.

‘Looking ahead, we also agreed to replace faulty players free of charge too, assuming failures are not due to misuse or abuse’ adds Graham, ‘This immediately caps future costs of replacement players’.


Improved Visibility

‘In addition we provided a systems ‘Dashboard’ to ensure future music system ‘faults’ are diagnosed correctly, which enables us to provide Robert and his team with informed second-line support’, continues Peter Sheppard, Technical Director for Perfect Octave.

‘We discovered in the months following installation the correct diagnosis of faults, using the Dashboard, resulted in an immediate 85% reduction in unnecessary service calls, which was quite astounding’, adds Sheppard.

‘This means Le Pain Quotidien’s music is always on, playing in-store, much more consistently than before’, concludes Sheppard.


Robert Brown for LPQ summarises, ‘the transition from our incumbent licensed music provider to Perfect Octave’s music systems was the most painless process. We are now in control of our budget and the music is ‘always on’.

This allows our managers to concentrate on delivering the correct ambience and service in-store to our customers and our IT team can focus on their priorities too. I strongly recommend the services provided by Perfect Octave’.


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